Tor/Tor Teen

Submission Guidelines

Tor/Tor Teen is currently Closed to Submissions.

Welcome to the Tor/Tor Teen submissions program. Please see our submissions guidelines to find out what we're looking for, or for more information on our program.

The following guidelines outline how to submit novels to Tor Books and Tor Teen. Please read them carefully to ensure that your work qualifies.

Tor Books and Tor Teen will be open to novel submissions from October 10th, 2021 (9AM EST) to October 13, 2021 (9AM EST).

To submit your work, visit us on Moksha.

When submitting, please upload your full manuscript. Our submission portal also asks for a cover letter, which should include a pitch and a short author bio.

Once you have registered on Moksha, you can use the portal to check the status of your submission.

What We’re Looking For:

The Tor Books and Tor Teen teams are looking for novels for adults and young adults across the breadth of speculative fiction, from Science Fiction to Fantasy and every subgenre in between.

We are actively looking for submissions from writers from underrepresented populations. This includes, but is not limited to, writers of any race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class, and physical or mental ability. We believe that good stories reflect the full diversity of the human species, and want our catalog to show that.

We encourage you to scroll through our book announcements.

Good luck—we look forward to reading your work!

What We’re Not Looking For:

We are not accepting unagented submissions of Middle Grade novels, Children’s books, picture books, or books of poetry.

Do not submit works that have been previously published elsewhere, in any venue. This includes all forms of digital self-publishing.

We are not accepting submissions of unagented nonfiction projects, short story collections or anthologies, or novella collections or anthologies.

We are not accepting submissions of unagented tie-in fiction, whether tied to film, television, previously published fiction, or other media.

We do not accept multiple submissions. Please submit only one novel at a time.

We prefer that you not simultaneously submit your work to Tor Books and other venues. If you do, however, and your work is accepted by a different venue, please immediately withdraw your submission from Tor Books/Tor Teen via Moksha.

Please do not send your work until you feel it is ready to be read. We will not be accepting “updated” versions of the same work once submitted.

Additional FAQs:

What we pay:

  • We offer an advance against royalties. The size of the advance will depend on a number of factors, including the length of your work and how commercial we think it is.

What rights do we acquire?

  • Our contract covers the right to publish the work in print, audio, and ebook formats, worldwide, in all languages. Additional rights will be discussed if we decide to make you an offer.

Response Timeline:

Due to the volume of submissions we receive during our open periods, we will respond within 6 months. If you’ve received a confirmation email, your work has been received and there is no need to contact us to check. Do not be concerned if your submission doesn’t seem to be moving up the queue, as we don’t read in order of submission.

Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot send personalized replies or feedback on your work.